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From babies to grandparents, our classes promote wellness and peace through an enjoyable blend of techniques in a nurturing environment. Welcome to the family.

At Harmony Yoga and Wellness, we take pride in offering programs for students of all ages, in almost any state of health. Our goal is to help our students improve their health and fitness, strength, flexibility, mind/body connection, stress management and overall quality of life.

Group Classes

Yoga Flow & Alignment Open Level
Gentle Vinyasa Flow sequences are combined with refined alignment through yoga postures. Pranayama (Yoga breathing techniques), meditation, inspirational yoga readings, and physical yoga trainings meld to ultimately achieve relaxation.

Yoga Flow / Gentle to mix level (Vinyasa Flow and more)
With the goal of customizing each class, the yoga Flow teacher asks at the beginning of the session how each student is feeling. The class then continues at the level of intensity and challenge geared to the students in the group at that time. The ultimate goal of the class is complete relaxation of mind and body for all. Beginners are welcome.

Yoga Mixed Level
The long-tenured teacher includes various forms of yoga disciplines and customizes each class to meet students’ individual needs. Modifications are included for beginners to join this class that also welcomes experienced practitioners.

Gentle Healing Yoga
The healing quality of this class is embodied in yoga poses, meditative movements and Pranayama (breathing techniques). Yoga blocks, exercise bands, Pilates rings and other tools enhance and strengthen flexibility and balance, even for students with physical limitations and challenges.

Recovery Gentle Yoga (chair and therapeutic tools)
Students who are recovering from a specific injury or are experiencing medical challenges or chronic conditions are encouraged to join the Recovery Gentle Yoga class. The Iyengar practice is the basis for this class that also incorporates Tai Chi postures (movements) for circulation, and to ease and care for joints. Small weights are used to promote strength. Chairs and other tools are used to aid practitioners who find it difficult to sit or kneel. The goal of this class, along with improved strength and balance, is relaxation through meditation and postures. This class is not only for older Yoga practitioners. It is for students of all ages who might need extra care and support to experience the benefit of Yoga practice. The teacher for this group customizes the class to meet each student’s individual needs.

Yoga for Teens
This class was created specifically for teens (11-19) and includes a strong self-care focus. It is geared for teens who have no experience with yoga as well as those who do. We combine basic poses with alignment, Vinyasa flow sequences and breathing to provide stress relief, energy balance, and the use of movement and stillness to help teens understand themselves and improve overall wellness. Yoga practice is beneficial for stress-related symptoms, anxiety, enhancing focus, improving scoliosis, as well as physical movement. Their yoga practice can be incorporated into their lifestyles and be useful in the students' future, helping them to cope with stress and difficulty.


Pilates Mat Classes
In the mats class, we use Pilates rings, balls, exercise bands, balance forms and weights to enhance full body strength at the same time. We focus on precise movement that strengthen the center, or core of your body. By activating the deepest layers of muscles, the result is a strong core and flexible spine with ideal posture and alignment. We offer this class in a small group setting so each student can get individual care and attention, and we can teach them to work within each of their own challenges. We emphasize the basic principles of Pilates, but offer modifications to suit each student's individual needs.

Yoga /Pilates Core Fusion
This class brings together the core strengthening moves of Pilates with the stretching and relaxation of yoga to help students to tone and relax. Strong “Core” (Abs and muscles deep inside of pelvic area) enhances your body alignment and vitality of energy. Blending the Pilates core strength methods and yoga methods is beneficial for harmonizing the body and mind. All levels are welcome.

Mom & Toddler Fun Fit Yoga
Moms and their babies or toddlers (from walking to 5 yrs.) experience creative movement and yoga set to music. It's a great way to enjoy exercise, yoga and fun games with your young child.

Mom & Baby Yoga
Baby Yoga is a fairly new practice based on an age-old tradition. It includes simplified Hatha Yoga, coupled with rhythmical, more energetic movements that can be likened to yoga, helping to maintain the infant’s interest so both you and your infant can have fun together. It provides your infant with physical stimulation as well as calming them down. Songs, rhymes and games are combined to engage your infant in playtime that you will both enjoy.
Baby Yoga for babies can be active and dynamic and, paradoxically relaxing and calming, so can offer stimulation for your baby when they wish to play vigorously: and then relaxation as they become quieter and calm. It promotes a life-long bond between parent and infant, and creates a foundation for a happy, healthy life.

Family Yoga (Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Children, etc.)
What better way to forge strong family bonds than to practice yoga together? Family yoga introduces mind/body awareness at an early age and utilizes yoga movement, fun and music to be engaging for all ages.

Pregnancy Yoga- Nassau/Baldwin Location
Practicing yoga during pregnancy is very helpful for women in minimizing their discomfort. Yoga can keep your body and mind relaxed. It makes the body flexible and can help in easing labor pain. In the class, you will connect with your inner baby and prepare for the birth experience. It is the most memorable time with your inner baby during the pregnancy period.

Pilates - All levels
These classes focus on moves from the Pilates method, designed to improve mind/body awareness and strengthen your abdominal and deep pelvic muscles, known as the "core." Stretching and the use of tools like blocks, bands and rings is incorporated. Strengthening core muscles will improve body alignment, balance and posture, giving the body a taller, leaner look.

Sound Healing & Meditation
The beautiful sounds produced by the Tibetan bowls have a relaxing effect on the brain, creating a meditative state and calming the mind. The sound-vibration travels to the nervous system, producing a calming effect. Its vibration penetrates 100 trillion cells to harmonize and empower. It is designed for healing, by releasing energy blockages from body, mind, and spirit. The sound- vibration reaches deeply into your inner spaces you could never touch with your hands.

Introduction to Yoga and Basic Stress Reduction
Basic Yoga principals and breathing techniques are introduced in a deliberate, step by step process. Students will learn to calm down through controlled breathing and Yoga poses.

Gentle Yoga for Stress Reduction
After all of their activities and responsibilities of the day are over, students are invited come to Harmony Yoga and Wellness to learn how to release tension in their minds and bodies. Yoga asana sequences are combined with breathing techniques, inspiring Yoga readings, relaxing stretching and Yin yoga poses and meditation. At the conclusion of this class members return home confident they will enjoy peaceful and restful sleep. Beginners are welcome.

Gentle Healing Yoga Plus
After a long day of work, Yoga practitioners join the Gentle Healing Yoga Plus class at Harmony Yoga and Wellness to enjoy a session that promotes gentle healing. Many students enter the studio and sit or lie down to recharge even before Yoga class begins. The process of transferring the busy mind and tired body continues throughout the class with the goal of refreshing and nurturing of one’s self through the gentle and mellow pace of the Yoga asana. Throughout the class practitioners begin to feel more centered while also experiencing increased strength and internal harmony. Gentle vinyasa flow and meridian Yoga energy work are included in the Yoga poses. Tai-Chi movement, Pilates core work, and Yin Yoga deep stretches are incorporated with the goal of self re-engagement . One student said: “Even when I am tired I come to Harmony Yoga and Wellness anyway. At the end of my Yoga practice, I never regret that I made the effort. I always leave the center feeling totally relaxed and with a smile on my face.” Beginners are welcome.

Tai-chi/Chi-Gong for Health & Wellness
Led by a Master teacher, this class uses gentle energy movements from the ancient Chinese practice to strengthen the immune system, reduce arthritis symptoms and improve stress management. The practice improves mind/body awareness and produces a sensation of inner calm and peace.

Private and Semi-Private Programs

Yoga Therapy, Personal Training, Healthy Nutrition Coaching
Any of our classes or techniques can be requested as a private or semi-private session by those who wish to have even more individualized attention than that which is given in our classes. Private and semi-private sessions are available by appointment only.

Therapeutic Yoga - Private or Semi-Private
This is a very relaxing practice that combines supportive postures, yogic breathing and guided relaxation. We use props to comfortably support the body to allow students to perform poses that encourage opening and releasing. This class is designed to activate the body's system that heals, restores and activate the relaxation response, to balance the nervous system, improve immune function, and increase energy flow to the organs. This class is open to students at all levels and is offered as a private or semi-private session.

Pilates Reformer - Private
This session uses the Pilates Reformer. Each session is customized to each individual's goals and improvement. By enhancing the intensity of the workout, it strengthens the core and other parts of the body as the student needs.

Yoga /Pilates Core Fusion - Private
Like the group class in Yoga/Pilates Fusion, this class brings together the core strengthening moves of Pilates with the stretching and relaxation of yoga to help students to tone and relax. When taken as a private session, the instructor is more able to customize the moves for the student's individual needs.

Pregnancy Massage, Shiatsu & Reiki Healing
Reiki is a system of energy healing in which the practitioner channels healing energy by the laying on of hands. Because it involves no drugs and minimal pressure, it is particularly helpful in easing the discomforts of pregnancy. All massage is performed by a licensed massage therapist.

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