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Kids, Pregnancy, & Family

At Harmony Yoga and Wellness, we believe that we would be doing our children a disservice if we reserved the many benefits of yoga for adults only. Yoga is great exercise and can be lots of fun. Doing it as a family also helps to build stronger bonds between parent and child.

Pregnancy is a special time, when staying strong and healthy is important, but there are so many limits placed on pregnant women that it may be hard to do. Yoga is gentle to begin with, and our modifications make it even more comfortable for pregnant women.

We offer group classes for all ages, private appointments, and even children's party options.

Family Oriented Group Classes

Mom & Toddler Fun Fit Yoga
Moms and their babies or toddlers (from walking to 5 yrs.) experience creative movement and yoga set to music. It's a great way to enjoy exercise, yoga and fun games with your young child.

Mom & Baby Yoga
Baby Yoga is a fairly new practice based on an age-old tradition. It includes simplified Hatha Yoga, coupled with rhythmical, more energetic movements that can be likened to yoga, helping to maintain the infant’s interest so both you and your infant can have fun together. It provides your infant with physical stimulation as well as calming them down. Songs, rhymes and games are combined to engage your infant in playtime that you will both enjoy.
Baby Yoga for babies can be active and dynamic and, paradoxically relaxing and calming, so can offer stimulation for your baby when they wish to play vigorously: and then relaxation as they become quieter and calm. It promotes a life-long bond between parent and infant, and creates a foundation for a happy, healthy life.

Yoga for Teens/Pre-teens
This class was created specifically for teens (11-19) and includes a strong self-care focus. It is geared for teens who have no experience with yoga as well as those who do. We combine basic poses with alignment and breathing to provide stress relief, energy balance, and the use of movement and stillness to help teens understand themselves and improve overall wellness.

Family Yoga
What better way to forge strong family bonds than to practice yoga together? Family yoga introduces mind/body awareness at an early age and utilizes yoga movement, fun and music to be engaging for all ages.

Pregnancy Yoga at Baldwin Location
Practicing yoga during pregnancy is very helpful for women in minimizing their discomfort. Yoga can keep your body and mind relaxed. It makes the body flexible and can help in easing labor pain. In the class, you will connect with your inner baby and prepare for the birth experience. It is the most memorable time with your inner baby during the pregnancy period.

Benefits of Yoga during pregnancy:

  • Yoga improves blood circulation and minimizes the problems of water retention and edema.
  • Yoga reduces anxiety and stress and induces a relaxing sleep. It helps women adapt to their new situations.
  • It successfully expels toxins from the body and improves digestion.
  • Yoga is a safe way to strengthen muscles and joints.
  • It regulates blood pressure and sugar levels in the body and thus helps in preventing the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure during pregnancy.
  • Yoga stimulates the nerves and calms the body and mind. Breathing exercises regulate the hormones and emotions.
  • Yoga improves posture and thus helps in easing back problems which are common in many pregnant women.
  • Regular practice of yoga stretches many ligaments throughout the pelvic, hip and leg areas, which eases labor pain.
  • Breathing exercises reduce mood swings, nausea and morning sickness.
  • Yoga strengthens the abdominal muscles which take part in pushing the baby through the birth canal.

Private Sessions by Appointment Only

Pregnancy Massage & Reiki Healing
Reiki is a system of energy healing in which the practitioner channels healing energy by the laying on of hands. Because it involves no drugs and minimal pressure, it is particularly helpful in easing the discomforts of pregnancy. All massage is performed by a licensed massage therapist.

Yoga for Special Needs Children
In a private session only, the special needs child learns yoga poses and breathing in a fun, nurturing environment with modifications to meet their individual needs.

Children's Parties

Yoga Birthday Parties
Our yoga parties are unique fun. They are also both exciting and relaxing. Make your child's birthday celebration an event to remember for your family and friends.

We'll do yoga poses, practice breathing techniques, play yoga and dance games, and relaxation. We'll do face painting, temporary tattoos, art projects, and children will receive hand and foot massages during relaxation.

Choose a fun theme: Jungle, Beach, Farm, Circus, Nature, Ride & Adventure, Sea World, Pirate, Fairy or Princess. We can also create a theme based on your child's favorite interests.

  • Parties last 1 hour & 30 minutes
  • We supply pizza, drinks, paper goods, set-up & clean-up.
  • You supply invitations, cake, and favors. (We can help you with ideas for favors related to themes, or prepare favors for you at additional cost).

We also do Yoga & Dance parties!

Girl/Boy Scout Parties

Feel free to choose the Yoga Theme for your Troop, or we'll make a yoga class suited to your Troop's purposes.

Strength/Bravery/Self-Esteem/Cooperation/Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit

  • Explore the meaning of physical and inner strength, the strength of partnership and group cooperation.

Respecting Nature and Others/Sea World/Green Earth

  • We are one earth people"
  • Explore how nature ecosystems, animals and plants connect to us.
  • Explore the sea world, earth, environment.


  • Explore friendship, family & the circle of love.
  • Explore cooperation through win-win yoga games.

Focus and Balance

  • Explore the power of concentration and the benefits of physical and mental balance.

We also do pizza party/healthy snack time after yoga for an additional fee.

Call us for details and fee schedule.

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